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Meet: Steve

Steve (Mythical Crystals Character)

My mom is a Yeti. My dad is Krampus. They met one Krampus night

and 9 months later, here I am.

I am Kid Krampus, but my friends call me Steve. 

It's not easy when your dad is Krampus, especially when he wants me to take over the family business.

Do you know what a Krampus does?
They kidnap naughty children. It is even said some even eat them!!!

I could NEVER! I'm strictly a SNOWeterian.

My dad's not all that bad and my mom, what can I say, gives the best, coldest hugs and makes me all the snow cones I can eat. My favorite are the yellow ones. Get your head out of the gutter. It's obviously lemon flavor. I'm not a monster you know. 


I'm a pretty lucky Krumpus, or should I say Steve!

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