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Made in San Diego

Marc, Lance and the Mythical Crystal Puppets - Mystic Mona, Mythical, DJ Dimple and Serenity Rain

Once upon a time, there was a boy who enjoyed collecting crystals with his grandmother. They used to find shells on the beach, stones in ponds and rivers, and even sea glass at the seashore. These are precious memories the, now full grown boy, has treasured for many years. Crystals have a way of bringing people together; whether it be through admiration or collecting, there is something special each crystal brings into one's life. How does this special crystal that is meant to be for you find it's way? That's where we step in! We are helping our crystals, that we hand pick so we know they are the very best, find their way home to you and get their happy ever after. We are always adding crystals to our shop. Please follow us on Instagram for some of our "Insta- Sales" Mythical_crystals619
What's the difference between Mythical Crystals and other crystal shops?
Well since you asked……
We have taken our crystal shop to an elevated level. We are one of the first shops to have table décor as well as adding games and themes into our live sales.


We also have our crystal loving cast of characters: Mystic Mona, DJ Dimple, Serenity Rain, Zen, Steve, and of course everyone’s favorite dragon, Mythical! These characters are here to have fun and entertain our crystal family of all ages! 

Here at Mythical Crystals we also take our time researching the crystals we get for our shop. We work closely with our vendors from all over the world, with an aim for the best quality crystals we can find (from their country of origin).

If you wish to work with a honest, family run, crystal loving, entertaining crystal shop, then come join our Mythical Crystals family!!

We make it our goal to remind you that the experience is just as important as the crystal itself.

So come make some crystal memories with our family and be part of the fun!

About Us

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